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ENAA Outline

Founded: August 21, 1978

GEC: September 1, 1989
SEC: November 5, 1991
Number of Member Companies ( as of July, 2017)
Main Body: 180
GEC: 58
SEC: 34
Board Members: Directors 16 Auditors 2

President Hajime Oshita

President : Hajime Oshita (President and CEO,JFE Engineering Corporation)

Senior Executive Director: Yoichi Maeno

Councilors 19

Advisors 15

Number of ENAA Staff 47

Scope of Operations

Main body
Activities Related to Engineering:

  • Research for management technology, training methods of human resources, etc.
  • Formulation of standards
  • Collection of research and information
  • Research for technical issues, system configurations, etc.
  • Creation and promotion of project
  • International cooperation and exchange
  • Operation of training programs, organization of seminars, etc.
  • Dissemination of results and achievements related to activities
  • Others
GEC (Geo-space Engineering Center)
Activities related to underground space utilizations:
  • Development of master concept
  • Research and development for technology utilizing underground space
  • Research and development for system utilizing underground space
  • Research and public relations
  • International cooperation and exchange
  • Others
SEC (Safety and Environment Center for Petroleum Development)
Activities related to environmental protection and safety to develop petroleum and natural gas resources:
  • Research and development, technical guidance and training of engineers for environmental protection and safety
  • Research and investigations (collection of information and reports)
  • Sponsorship and participation for international conferences/Promotion for international cooperation
  • Others
ENAA (Engineering Advancement Association of Japan)

3-18-19 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001, Japan
Phone:813-5405-7201 Fax:813-5405-8201
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