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Geo-space Engineering Center (GEC) was established with the objective to carry out research and development regarding engineering needed for advanced utilization of underground space under the support of MITI; Ministry of International Trade and Industry (the present METI; Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and private enterprises in September, 1989.

In order to protect the environment on the earth by utilizing the characteristics of the frontier -underground space- accessible to us and not only to contribute to the living and safety for people but also to realize and develop new industrial economy and society, GEC is carrying out research and development works regarding engineering by bringing together capabilities of member companies with a vast area of expertise under the support of the relevant government organizations, universities and so on.

It is GEC's sincere intention to make a great contribution to the formation of harmonious city in the near future and the creation of secure and safe living/culture.

Highlighted below are the main activities of GEC:

  1. To carry out research and study regarding the development and utilization for underground space,
  2. To collect and provide with documents and information regarding the development and utilization of underground space,
  3. To conduct technical instructions regarding the development and utilization of underground space,
  4. To promote international exchanges through holding of and participation in international conferences,
  5. To be engaged in dissemination regarding the development and utilization of underground space, and
  6. To promote other activities for the development and utilization of underground space.

In this connection and for reference, detailed hereunder are several recent results of GEC's research and development.

(1)Research on New Concept for Deep Underground Transportation System in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area

In order to rationalize harbor logistics in Japan and reduce CO2 emission by eliminating container trucks running in Tokyo, GEC is engaged in the development of system transporting containers running on track by constructing a deep underground tunnel and new container transportation system from the Oi pier at Tokyo bay to the Ome interchange along Metropolitan Ring Highway.

(2)Feasibility Study on Development of Muon()Multi-Measurement Instrument

GEC has been engaged in undertaking a study by using muon to develop new measurement instrument in order to investigate underground cavities.

  1. Development of multi-measurement instrument
  2. Development of geotomography analysis algorithm with 3 dimensions
  3. Research for the relevant technology for practical use thereof

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