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Safety and Environment Center 
for Petroleum Development (SEC) 

The Safety and Environment Center for Petroleum Development (SEC) undertakes business of safety, research and study on environmental protection in connection with the development of petroleum and natural gas resources.

Most of primary energies in Japan depend on imports from other countries and, in particular, it is expected to further utilize natural gas as clean energy source.
For this reason, SEC undertakes the research and development works for promoting the development of methane hydrate to be promised use as future natural gas resource because the existence of such rich resources is has been confirmed in surrounding coastal areas of Japan.
The above research and development are driven by the international treaty for emission reduction of carbon dioxide deemed as the main cause of warm temperature trend and by the worldwide trend protecting the world environment.

With the above situation, highlighted hereunder are main activities of SEC:
-Research on safety and environment regarding development of petroleum resources,
-Research on promotion of development and utilization for natural resources
-Measures against world warm temperature trend, and
-Other relevant research

For easy understanding, detailed hereunder are several projects undertaken by SEC.
(1) Research on Environment Impact for Facilities of Offshore Platform and Jacket
SEC is engaged in research and assessment on impact affecting environment in surrounding areas caused by removal works for facilities used for production of offshore oil and gas and it is contemplated therein to contribute to the implementation of guideline for prevention of marine pollution occurred by the removal of such facilities.
  Research schedules:
  -Environment research in ocean areas prior to removal works in 2008
  -Initial assessment on impact against removal works in 2009
  -Research on environment impact in ocean areas during removal works in 2010
  Implementation of Protection Guideline for Marine Pollution regarding the Removal Works of Facilities used for Offshore Oil/Gas Production

Basic Study on Optimization for Environment Impact Assessment of Japan's Methane Hydrate R&D Program

In connection with environmental impact assessment of Japan's Methane Hydrate R&D Program, SEC undertakes the basic study on simulation model use to predict marine environments impact, impact assessment for marine organisms, implementation of data base system and development of environmental monitoring sensor
Highlighted hereunder are the items to be studied and undertaken in this regard:

  1. Basic study on risk assessment for marine ecosystem
    -Toxicity test of methane on marine organisms
    -Simulation model for methane leakage
    - Simulation model for discharge of treated production water
    - Simulation model for marine ecosystem
  2. Development of dissolved methane sensor
  3. Survey of the literature related to environment impacts caused by methane hydrate.
  4. Operation and management of expert meeting regarding environment
(3) Research Activities for CCS Projects in Japan

A large-scale CCS Test Project has been conducted by Japan CCS Co., funded by Japanese Government. SEC is engaged in research activities for the project. They are concerning;

  • CCS regulations in EU and US
  • Case studies of CCS Wells
  • CO2 Blowout
  • Technical Guidelines for CCS Operations

Also, SEC undertook feasibility studies for CO2 Pipeline Transportation System until last fiscal year.

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