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With the progress and technology innovation, we currently face the importance of the key issues such as enhancement of industrial/social capitals and advancement of social services.

Technical Development Department of ENAA undertakes research and study on solution for the current and relevant social problems by concentrating the accumulated extensive knowledge and advanced engineering technology provided by our member companies.
Highlighted hereunder are some of those research and study done by the Department.

(1) Study on Technology Trend Regarding Engineering

The Department sets up the four study subcommittees in the Research & Development Planning Committee and is engaged in undertaking research and analysis on the necessity for technology/system development in various fields, understanding the relevant technical trend and reviewing the future relevant direction.
The themes currently done are as follows:

  1. Subcommittee on Environmental Social System Study
    -Carbon-neutral biomass fuel
    -Efficiency for transportation of waste materials and collection thereof
    -Recycle of rare metals recognized as resource security
  2. Subcommittee on Energy/Environmental Study
    -Safe management and expanded function on biomass with carbon recycle
    -Measures for Kyoto Protocol and future shortage of food and water
  3. Subcommittee on City/Area Study
    -Measures for water and lifeline assurance at the time of disaster in city disaster prevention areas
  4. Subcommittee on New Industry Study
    -Utilization for robot technology corresponding to various measures for a low birthrate, aging society and safe society

(2)Research and Practical Study on Individual Technical Issues/Cross-sectional Technical Issues

The Department is engaged in research and practical study on conceptual design,
feasibility study, basic and practical experiments regarding new technology and systems.
The themes currently done are as follows:

  1. Risk reduction technology affected by an up-and-down motion earthquake
  2. System stabilization technology used for industrial power system
  3. High temperature protection system for structures using water-retentive concrete
  4. Recycle technology for dredging mud using paper sludge ash

(3) Advancement for Maintenance of Industry/Social Capitals

We face the fact that much of industry/social capitals such as plants and big facilities constructed at the time of rapid growth period in Japan are degraded and then expect a lot of maintenance cost occurred thereby.
With the above situation, it is in the pressing need to maintain various facilities and equipment and to newly industrialize maintenance fields to realize economic and efficient maintenance in entire society. We see the further necessity for advancement of maintenance technology including sensing/monitoring technology.

The Department is involved in multifaceted study from the point of technology, economy and social systems to aim at minimization of life cycle cost (LCC), reduction of maintenance cost, environmental load reduction caused by a long life, establishment of advanced maintenance systems for industrial/social capitals corresponding to huge disasters.
Detailed hereunder are several research and studies undertaken by the Department:
-Management system for maintenance
-Technical development and economic evaluation on preventive maintenance
-Economic frame works
-Possibility of new business
-Experiment technology during operation of coated piping
-Monitoring technology for fatigue degradation of steel structures
-Information collection for maintenance systems regarding petroleum refinery /petro-chemical plants
-Possibility of business development regarding maintenance

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